The Amped wireless RTA15 700MW router Setup

Amped wireless is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to the manufacturing of the wireless as well as wired networking devices. Amped wireless deals in the manufacture of the routers, modems, range repeaters, access points switches, and Ethernet cords etc. The Amped wireless networking devices don’t let its users lag behind in the network due to the high-speed components installed in the router hardware. These components that enhance the wireless network and internet speed are the multiple frequency bands, external detachable antennas as well as the inbuilt ones.

Amped Wireless RTA15 700MW Gigabit router setup

Amped Wireless RTA15 700MW Gigabit router
Amped wireless router setup through

Amped wireless routers setup through

The Amped wireless brand is much concerned about the convenience of its users and the users earlier had to face quite a hard time while logging in and setting up the Amped wireless router. Then this brand came up with an effective and useful solution to the problem by developing a convenient and simple web address for the users. The users now don’t need to remember that tough numerical IP address of the router to get into its setup page.

Configuration and other firmware operations of the router became quite easier with this customized web domain

What you can do through

  1. The users can easily get access to the admin dashboard of the Amped wireless router through this web address instead of using the default IP address of the router.
  2. You can update the firmware of the router through this web domain either manually or semi-automatically.
  3. The users also have the option of getting their router reset through this web domain that provides the access to the router’s setup portal.

Various connection methods for the Amped wireless routers

First of all what you need to know is that the configuration, reset or firmware update of the router can only be done when it is properly connected to your computer device and the modem (if the router and modem are separate).

Therefore, in this part, let us show you some of the easily accessible methods to get your router connected to the modem and the computer.

  • Wired connection over the Ethernet (LAN cable)
  • Wi-Fi connection (wireless)
  • WPS connection

WPS connection

WPS stands for the Wi-Fi protected setup connection and it is the fastest available method of connecting your router to the modem as well as the computer system. However, this method of connecting your router to the modem and the computer system also has some negative sides.

WPS works only with the wireless routers that secure its login with the WPA/WPA2 or WPSK/WPSK2 and newer security keys. The WPS mode of connections doesn’t work for the wireless routers that support the WEP/WEP2 security keys (outdated).

Step by step guide for setting up the connection between the router and the computer device through the WPS button.

  • The Amped wireless modem and router have the WPS button on them.
  • Connect your Amped wireless router/modem to the power supply and switch them on. Wait for the router to get stable.
  • Now, open your wireless and internet section situated in the bottom right portion of your computer window.
  • Select the WPS tab in the internet and network section. Now, click the WPS button of your router and wait for a second.
  • Your computer and router device will automatically detect each other’s wireless presence and both the devices will be connected to each other in no time.

Your devices are now connected to each other and then you can proceed for the configuration of the router. Just open the web browser on your computer and enter the web address in the URL bar of the browser.

Wi-Fi connection

The other most widely used method of establishing a secure and secure connection between the devices is through the Wi-Fi technology. Read the instructions mentioned below to successfully set up the wireless connection.

  • Unbox your Amped wireless router from its packaging and gather all the important router accessories like the power supply cord/adapter, Ethernet cables etc.
  • Now connect the power supply cord to the router and switch on the power outlet.
  • You will have to wait for a few seconds or a minute until the “Wi-Fi” LED on the router turns solid green or amber (gets stable).
  • Now, open the wireless tab or internet and network settings tab on your PC, your computer will show you the list of available connections in a list.
  • Double click or select the wireless network SSID of your Amped wireless router and your computer system will get connected to the Amped wireless router.
  • The WPS LED on the indicator panel of your router will get lit indicating that a WPS connection has been established between the devices.

In this way, you can connect your router/modem to your computer/laptop/smartphone to get the configuration going on. It is very important to remember that this initial connection is mandatory. Or else you will not be able to configure your Amped wireless router.

Wired method (Ethernet cable connection)

The wired connection (RJ45/LAN cable) connection is the most reliable mode of connecting your router to the computer. What you need to do is just connect the modem to the router’s WAN/Internet port of the router and similarly connect the computer to one of the LAN ports of the router, thus establishing a stable and secure connection between the devices amped wireless setup .

Key facts to remember

  1. Always use the wired Ethernet connection for the major amped wireless setup router operations like the router setup/configuration, firmware update and router reset.
  2. Make sure that the power supply to which the router/modem is connected is reliable and doesn’t snap suddenly in between the course of operation.
  3. One more important thing to note is that the networking device at the end always performs a reboot and that reboot shouldn’t be interrupted in any case as it can lead to the firmware damage or another malfunctioning of the router.

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